The cast (As of April 2017)

I don’t know how often I’ll get this updated. So ages may be wrong.

Me- Jenny – 31 years old. Writer of the blog.  (Pictured above as snail)

Johnny – my husband (Pictured as stag beetle)

Michael – my (step)son (Pictured as locust)

Elyssa – my (step)daughter (Pictured as butterfly)

Lily or Lilith – our deceased bio daughter. She was 13 days old – COD is unexplained. (which is another way to put SIDS…)  (Pictured as Ladybug/Lilybug)

Bee – one of my best friends, Michael and Elyssa’s Bio Mom. (Pictured as Spider)

Mischief – our 12 year old cat (just turned 12)

Wiley – Our younger cat (Either almost 5 or almost 6), we need to find her paperwork again.

Baby Kitty – Bee, Michael and Elyssa’s kitty.

Above picture by Bee.