I feel a little bit sick…

Ok… last year methotrexate tried to kill me. Despite this I actively encourage adults to use it if it’s a treatment option. It’s a good medicine, I just didn’t do well with it.

I’m finding out they use it on toddlers and small children. I cannot describe to you how that makes me feel. The closest I can come up with is horrified and absolutely sick to my stomach.

Of course, the thought of said children living in pain and with the diseases they have is horrifying too. I just… ouch.


Still alive

I know I’ve been absent. I am changing migraine preventatives, and between that and the weather I’m having migraines. I am still alive though. I had a 5 day migraine that went over the weekend, I had another migraine yesterday, and I have a headache today. Hopefully I don’t end up with a migraine today.

How are you? Please comment below and let me know what’s new with you, as I’ve been even worse than usual about keeping up with people!