1 year.

Tomorrow is one year since I was hospitalized for colitis that we eventually learned was from C.Diff.
I’d go on methotrexate again in a heartbeat if I could, but I can’t use it again because of the damage that it and the c diff did to my kidneys. It helped so much with my autoimmune diseases even as it was doing that damage though. And the C Diff was due to the infections and antibiotics I had while on the methotrexate, because it lowered my immune system so much. I was so sick I could barely wake up. Once I was awake enough I could do things like talk on the phone, but I was having a hard time getting myself awake enough to remember my own name, let alone to talk to nurses or doctors or visitors. I struggled with that difficulty waking up for months after, though I no longer really deal with that.
My autoimmune diseases are back to where they were before the methotrexate, unfortunately.

I had a very bad day yesterday, with my autoimmune diseases. I told my family that it was one of the worst I’ve had for my joints in the last 3 or 4 months. Honestly though, it’s one of the worst I’ve had (excluding right around my surgery that I had in February) in most of a year. I’m scared that it’s going to become the norm again.

Anyway, too much musing on my autoimmune diseases.

I wanted to say how glad I am that I went to the doctor about the bowel pain I was having, and ended up in the hospital, because I’m alive.


If you’d told me…

Twenty some years ago one of my favorite adults met a person and fell in love. If you’d told me then that I’d be angry they were splitting up all these years later (I don’t know the full story, so I’m trying to keep judgement and thoughts away…. which is something I’d try to do anyway, but am not sure I’d be able to do) I wouldn’t have believed you. Their relationship irreparably harmed the relationship between that adult and I. However, I can’t stand the pain that that family is in (would it be worse if they stayed together though?) and I am now used to that person being in our lives. I’m going to miss them. Divorce sucks, whether it’s 2 years or 20 some.

Anniversary Photos

So every year starting in 2012 (our 4th weddding anniversary) we have done an anniversary photo on or around the day of our anniversary. (I’m looking forward to doing one again this year!!!) Here they are so far!

2012 – While waiting for a ride from the movie theater home (our vehicle was out of commission at the time)…

2013 – At my parents house – there are others, but I can only find this one right now. Love that weeping willow tree! (Glad not to have to deal with it anymore though!!!!!!)

2014 – At the beach with my aunt and cousins (and the kids later in the day)!

2015 (edit: or ’16? now that I’m thinking about it)- At the local ren faire, which is (was?) put on by a school as a fundraiser.

(Edit: I need to search for the photo from ’15 now)

2016 – At our house. I don’t think we did anything special last year. I couldn’t go to movies due to motion sickness and pain (I’m now being medicated for the motion sickness, and there is a theater in town with recliners, so I can go to that theater for movies!), so I think we just stayed home.

8 years 11 months, 11 days

That’s how long Johnny and I have been married.

It’s hard to believe.

Here’s a recent picture (from yesterday I believe)…

Jenny and Johnny 4 11 17


Edit: 8 Years, and that many months and days. If it was 9 years and that many months and days I’d have been involved in polyandry due to being married to my exhusband still at that time. We were still very much committed to each other at that time.