So today (well it is still today for about 25 more minutes) has been a whyday, rather than just a Friday.
A friend posted about how thankful she is for her daughter (she has extra reason to be, which isn’t mine to tell), and for her life. It hit me in the gut how hard I miss Lily, how much I wish she were here, how angry and sad I am that she is not, and it hit me how much I wish I could say I was thankful that she’s alive. Obviously I can’t say the last part. It’s leaving me hurting so deeply there aren’t words.

I’m also struggling with the fact that the rest of the tribe is so far away. Bee, Michael, and Elyssa live quite a distance from us and it’s really wearing on me today.

I miss my kids and one of my best friends and wish they were living here already.


summer 2015

My favorites are them with their birthday presents (or certificate for Lyss, she was given a shopping trip with me for craft supplies)… Top and Bottom left.