I’m fixing stuff on the blog…..

So I’m not posting a whole lot…

In the mean time..

Here’s a picture of me, with my yin yang nails, circa October 2014.



Happy Earth Day! (2017)

Let’s see if I can get this posted in the next little bit while it is still Earth Day in my time zone!!!


That was my Earth Day 2017 photo shoot results…. at least, the ones worth looking at.

How was your Earth Day?

Me, Maui 2007

Scuba diving off the coast of Maui….

It was a lot of fun.

In June 2007, my (then) husband, grandmother, sister, and parents went on a trip to Maui (and to Honolulu). These are two of the three pictures I can find of me by myself. (Edit: I found a couple more pics of me by myself, bring the total up to five.)

It was a fun trip, but it was stressful and hard too.. my marriage was failing, I was cracking, and I was trying to keep everyone from seeing anything but perfection.