My IV Bruise from the other day

As expected I bruised where they got the iv placed for my cortisol stimulation test (which took six pokes including the one that placed it, which also needed an ultrasound machine to visualize to place it properly), and I bruised  at some of the attempted iv sites too.

Here are two pictures (one – outside – from this morning, and one – inside – from this afternoon – with a better camera) showing how I have bruised from that IV. It’s a pretty good sized bruise, and is all around one of my skin biopsy scars.

Oh yeah…. I’ve got scars from skin biopsies checking moles for cancer.



AM on the left, PM on the right.


So this day last year Johnny and I tried to go on a date. I got all dressed up (in the same clothes I’m wearing today coincidentally, which is huge, I’ll go into why later)…. and promptly became ill while driving. I can’t remember if we ended up doing anything later in the evening or not, but I don’t think we did.

Jenny sick 4 14 16
All dressed up and can’t go out.


It’s huge that I’m in the same outfit, because between psych meds, lupus meds, and pregnancy I’ve spent nearly 7 years going up and down in weight so much that I went from a size 3 to a size XL (11/13 I believe is what XL is here in the US)… and back and forth… mostly in the middle, which is where I am now. My weight has seesawed and I’ve been all over the place. The fact my weight has been close enough for me to be in the same clothes is huge!

I did lose 14lbs when I was hospitalized last summer, so there was that drop between this picture and now. There was probably more of a drop than that since I’d been fighting the c. diff for awhile before that, but hey, the clothing still fits, and I’m excited about that!


I’m now a healthy and happy 130 (or there about)!!!!!!!!!!!