There are good memories…

So the other day I mentioned some stuff about my former relationship with my now ex-husband.
Tonight we happened up on a Gallagher clip. It brought back memories of sitting on the couch with my ex, watching the dvds we had (he has?) and memories of buying the collection. My ex introduced me to Gallagher, and I enjoy watching, sometimes I’m emotional when I watch, and I don’t watch it as much as I used to – it’s a clip here and a clip there, spread out over 10 years, rather than a whole dvd at once.

Another happy memory is the Final Fantasy games. I only played FFX and the start of FFXII when I was with him, but I do still enjoy them, and play when I can. I remember when I first got FFXIII and I got melancholy over the Final Fantasy games in general. I don’t want my ex back in our lives, and neither does Johnny, but at times I almost wish I could call or email him and tell him things, like about Mischief and how he’s doing, and about video games and little things that actually meant and mean something from our time together.


Top 3 favorite zones in WoW

1) Silverpine Forest – yes even with being killed by the Son of Arugal so much… I LOVE it. Our horde characters usually run through this zone.

2) Un’Goro Crater – I love the dinos (and others)…

3) Stranglethorn Vale (the original) – I love the variety of animals.