So why public, Jenny?

I have mostly lived privately the last several years, at least as far as blog posts go. I did have awhile where my livejournal posts were mostly public, but I have stayed private or friends only with my blog posts that were known to be me. I have a blog for my health, which I tried to keep anon (not sure how well that worked, don’t really care now), which I don’t update often anymore.

I am no longer blogging on a site that works with friends only posts (unless I password protect each post, and hand out the password when asked and vet whoever gets it, and who has energy for that?) …. and I’m tired of hiding to the extent that I did. I don’t know how much I’ll discuss all aspects of life… or life as it intersects with other people, but I have decided to start sharing my life more online again.


Let’s try this

I used to blog at livejournal, but no longer.  I’m now trying wordpress and seeing if I can get back into it, because I miss blogging about the random stuff in my life, in more than just facebook statuses or instagram descriptions.

Life isn’t great, but it’s better than it once was.

After being so sick last summer (I’ll go into that at some point I’m sure… especially since today is the anniversary of being prescribed the medicine that started the downhill lunge into hospitalization), I’m so thankful to be alive.